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The Geoterrics Outdoors Australia YouTube channel features short videos from our activities of bushwalking, kayaking, testing of products, world exploration, the natural environment, and related outdoor activities.

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Occasionally there may be a video that has a back-story, or at times there may be a subject or theme we feel strongly enough about to write a Blog or produce a Vlog – we will voice an opinion. In addition, as subjects present themselves that may be suitable as a podcast – this is the page you’ll find them all.

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Featured in most of the YouTube videos, the team wear clothing (and other items) with the Geoterrics logo. Looking very smart, durable, and of the best quality available, Geoterrics themed apparel, accessories, images and stickers.

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Drawings, Paintings & Photography

In his professional career Ralph Schwarz has been a scientific illustrator and photographer, and will be starting a page soon featuring his skills in drawings, paintings and photography. On this page you will be able to purchase prints and the occasional original of Ralph’s works.

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The Geoterrics Group has been in operation since 2001 and now is the name behind the Schwarz family’s growing YouTube Channel.